The SINGLE most common question about Peyronie’s disease treatment

Peyronie's treatment basic question

For sure the most common question I receive – sometimes several times a day – goes something like this:  "I was just told by my medical doctor that my bent penis is caused by peyronies desease.  He did not tell me much about this problem so I looked around the internet, and I just found your helpful website. What can I do to help my peyronies?  Thanks for any information you could send to me."  Yes, with no background information about himself, this person has asked, "What can I do to help my peyronies?" as though there is a single and simple answer.

Actually most email questions I receive ask directly for a solution to Peyronie's disease, as though it was just that easy.  Sometimes the words change a bit:  "What works that will cure my Peyronie's?" or "Can you help me get rid of my PD?" or "How can I cure my curved bent penis?"   All these questions suppose there is a simple and direct way to help the body heal the Peyronie's plaque or scar.    My response is always polite, and I always try to be helpful and courteous, but I sometime wonder with almost 200 pages of detailed Peyronie's disease treatment information on the PDI website that is freely available, what additional information a person could want.  Since everyone seems to write their email questions to me through the PDI website, I assume they have seen the wealth of information that is there to read and study at their leisure.   But I assume the real problem is that they are simply overwhelmed and frightened not only by the knowledge they just recently learned their penis has a "disease," but by the sheer number of pages of information about treating this problem.

You will also notice that the average email – asking me for help about Peyronies treatment – does not tell me anything about the problem that is going on with the person.   Like asking someone "How do I fix my car?," without telling them anything about the car or the problem you are having, it is important to give me as much information about yourself as possible, so I can give you reasonable assistance in response.       What I usually respond back is to suggest they spend a bit more time learning about PD and the  work of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute.  I will remind them that whatever they might want to know about the Alternative Medicine cure of Peyronie's desease can be found on the approximately 200  pages of information of the PDI website I encourage them that everyday I communicate with at least a dozen men who are taking control of their PD situation and making improvement when nothing else has helped them, and they have done all of this with the information found only on the PDI site.

What we propose at PDI is not so earth shattering or extreme in concept.  All we are doing is attempting to figure out why your PD did not correct like about 50% of the men who develop this problem.  If half of the men “cure” their own PD, why not you?  That is all we are attempting to address with our therapy concept.  It is really not so far out as some of the other things you find on the Internet.

I suggest that the safest and most logical Peyronie's disease treatment is to attempt to join those 50% of men whose PD is resolved naturally.  All standard medical information about PD clearly states that in half of the cases, the PD “goes away on its own.”   Well, all we do with the PDI approach is to work with body to prepare it to heal on its own, just as it should happen.  It is really not such a crazy or extreme idea.   We advocate an aggressive application of multiple conservative alternative Medicine therapies as outlined in our website.

Almost always I suggest that they try the simplest and easiest route to learn more their Peyronies problem by reading a book that I wrote that gives much information about day-to-day treating and living with Peyronie’s disease.  This book, called "Peyronie's Disease Handbook," was written because of new and unique things that PDI  has discovered a man can do to easily make changes in basic living habits that could help Peyronies heal naturally.   It would be good to become familiar with some of the treatment concepts that are found in the book, found at Peyronie's Disease Handbook The information and instruction found in the book is different in many ways than the information on our website; there is no duplication of information between the book and the website.

Also I inform each man that it is most usual for men who follow the largest and most aggressive therapy plan to usually get the best results.  Each man who is interested in doing all that he can to help himself to the maximum is told to consider using what is called the “Large (Best) Plan” for personal treatment, found at our PDI store The Medium Plan is perhaps the most popular of the three plans.  In treatment it is very common for men to substitute Neprinol in place of the two smaller products, Nattokinase and Serrapeptase in any of the plans.  There is a smaller plan that is well designed.   All can be modified to suit individual thinking and unique situations that make therapy a little different for each person.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of men over the years with Peyronies and helped them recover from PD.  Some of these cases were mild and some severe, some just a few months and a few more than 10 years old.  As readers of the PDI website know, I had a pretty bad PD problem until I cured my condition using the procedures found in the book I wrote and the same Alternative Medicine ideas as on the website.  It is not necessary to feel like a Peyronies victim if you are working to improve your health and immune response against the presence of this foreign tissue.

Each email and phone call I receive each day asking for help with Peyronie's disease treatment is special and unique.  All are answered with courtesy and respect, keeping in mind how shattered and confused each man can be when he hears the words "Peyronie's disease" for the first time in his life.

Ask me your questions about Peyronies disease natural treatments with Alternative Medicine, and I will do the best I can to help you in any way that I can.  Please tell me as much about your condition as possible, so I have a good background of information to use in making a reply.


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