Is It Necessary to Straighten a Curved Penis?

Not every curved penis requires Peyronie’s treatment

Before discussing how to straighten a curved penis, it would be wise to consider if reducing penile curvature in your situation is a necessary and advisable thing to do.

If you know for a fact that you have Peyronie’s disease, it is my opinion that it is always wise to attempt to treat your problem – even if it is currently only minor and does not interfere with intercourse.  Many men suggest to me that since their curved penis is not causing any sexual problem they are not going to do anything about getting rid of their Peyronies problem.  They say they will only worry about having PD if they cannot engage in intercourse.  Otherwise they intend to just leave it alone.

But, it is unwise to delay effort to straighten a recently curved penis for three reasons:

  1. Many times a small penile curvature suddenly gets bad enough to interfere with intercourse
  2. The longer Peyronie’s disease persists the more difficult it can be to treat
  3. A curved penis is unstable during intercourse.  The longer your penile curvature continues you take an unnecessary risk every time you engage in sexual intercourse because your penis could suddenly bend and buckle when you least expect it, resulting in additional injury on top of what you currently have.

If you are not sure you have Peyronie’s disease, it might be unnecessary to use any treatment procedure.  It is best to seek a medical opinion about your curved penis to determine the exact cause and diagnosis of your situation.

Lifelong penile curvature

When a man has had a curved penis all his life, it is still possible to use a few techniques that are discussed on this website to straighten a curved penis that is not related to Peyronie’s disease.  The Peyronie’s treatment that might be successful to reverse a normally curved penis are:

  1. Gentle Manual Penis Stretching Technique © – done without dangerous or painful penis stretcher devices.
  2. PMD DMSO, in combination with copper peptides (Super CP Serum) and vitamin E concentrate.
  3. Neprinol

The idea behind this approach is to soften and reduce as much soft tissue as possible within the contracted scar tissue, while using gentle manual penile stretching to straighten your curved penis; approaching the problem from two different directions at the same time.

Straighten a curved penis due to Peyronie’s disease

Regardless of the duration of Peyronie’s disease or how severe the curved penis, it is possible to make changes in the penile curvature and distortion.  There is no way to predict how much correction can be earned; sometimes it is complete reversal of curvature and other times the correction is only minor – but everyone seems to note some degree of improvement.   The real factor that seems to determine if a man succeeds or not is the amount of time and effort he devotes to his problem.

Now that you know how to work to straighten a curved penis it is time to get busy.  You will never know for sure until you do your best to correct your penile curvature, and now is the best time to do it.


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