Tricks for Successful Peyronies Treatment

Hints for better results with Peyronie's treatment

Here are a few little tricks that I developed and discovered when I was actively treating my own Peyronie’s disease.  While none of these are earth-shaking or terribly ingenious, these ideas can make your life easier and your Peyronie's treatment plan just a little more effective in the long run.

See if these strategies fit into your way of doing things:

1.      Keep a bottle of enzymes on your bathroom sink.  When you get up to urinate in the middle of the night, it is a good time to take an extra 1 or 2 or 3 Neprinol pills or other enzymes.  This will keep your blood level  saturated while there is no additional food in your system for several more hours.  Night time is a good time for using Neprinol as a primary enzyme treatment.

2.      Get in the habit of watching TV at night with a hot water bottle on top of your scar.   Make your TV time productive so you can d some simple Peyronie's treatment while you are relaxing.

3.      Get in the habit of watching TV at night while you are doing some of the soft tissue massage you learned from the “Massage and Exercise” video.  Make your TV time productive.

4.      Keep your vitamins and enzymes away from heat and sunlight.  Don’t keep them in the car when it is warm outside.  Even a few hours of exposure can reduce potency.

5.      A large “X” written on top of the therapy bottles you take with food will help you to quickly pick them out from the others.  A large “O” written on top of the therapies you take on an empty stomach will do the same for your enzymes.

6.      Place your vitamin case or your bag of enzymes out in the open, on top of your desk at work, or in a place where you will easily see it, to keep you from forgetting to take them as you should.

7.      Sort and divide up all of your vitamins and enzymes once a day, in different containers or small plastic bags you can take with you.  It is more efficient than opening and closing all those bottles two or three times a day.

8.      If you find that you have a difficult time swallowing a large number of pills at a time, or that your throat is getting irritated by the frequent swallowing of pills over a period of time, try this. Instead of using cold water to wash the pills down, try using warm water. It seems to be more relaxing to the muscles of the throat and does not cause a tightening of the esophagus the way cold water does.  Try it.

9.      Incorporate the use of a water-based lubricant (like KY) into your sexual activity, even if you do not think it is absolutely necessary.  This will protect you from possible friction injury.

10. In the missionary position, place a pillow below her hips/pelvis to raise her up a little.  This changes the angle of entry if you have a curvature problem.  It can sometimes make a significant difference.  If you are having a lot of sexual problems, go "Peyronie's Disease and Sex"  to learn about improving your love life.

11. Go to the PDI website to learn about the Erektor external penile support device.  If you have ED or erectile dysfunction because of your Peyronie's disease, or if your curvature or distortion is so bad that you are afraid to try intercourse because it might injure your penis again if you penis bends or buckles during insertion, then you definitely need the help and support of an Erektor device.  These are wonderful custom-made supports that will open up a whole new world of sexual activity for you if you find yourself denied by the limits of Peyronie's disease.


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