Unique urinary symptoms during Peyronies treatment

Is it possible that serraptease or the nattokinase of yours I just began using yesterday could cause some discomfort urinating? I do know that in trying to be more healthy I experimented for 3 months adding a forkful of natural unprocessed sauerkraut to my evening salad which seemed to have caused me to urinate frequently at night. When I stopped eating the fermented sauerkraut, I slept thru the night.

Do you think either of these products mights be causing me the same problem?Also, I just installed a new sink top water filter so I'm still trying to sort out the source of the problem. I don't have a prostate issue. Any thoughts?

Thanks,  Dr Herazy


Greetings Jim,

I do not see a clinical connection between intake of serrapeptase or nattokinase and urinary frequency or discomfort.  Having mentioned that, anything is possible since we are learning things daily about Peyronies treatment.  If there is such a connection, you are the first person in over 10 years to report it.  For this reason, I suggest you experiment a bit by stopping all intake of serrapeptase and nattokinase to see how your body responds.  We can create a theory to explain such a unique response if it happens it is associated with the systemic enzymes.  Let me know how you respond, please.  I would like to know.  TRH


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