Can my urologist prescribe PDI Peyronies treatment so my insurance covers it?

Can my urologist prescribe products from your catalog so my insurance covers it?


While your idea makes a lot of sense, you must realize that insurance companies do not make decisions based on what makes sense; they decide based on popular medical thinking; insurance company policy is dictated by standard medical ideas.   Your urologist can prescribe anything he/she wants to do, however that does not mean your insurance company will have to pay for it.  Insurance coverage does not work that way.

Using nutritional therapy products to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie's plaque might make a lot of sense to you and me, it is not standard medical thinking.   Standard medical thinking is to allow the curved penis caused by the Peyronie's plaque to get so bad that it is treated by a $30-40,0000 Peyronie's surgery.  Rather than attempt a brief therapeutic trial of natural vitamins and enzymes over 3-4 months that might cost less than a $1000, the insurance company would rather spend a lot of money to cut on a man's penis and run the risk that it could make his problem worse.

I suggest you talk to your urologist to see if he would be receptive to your idea.  Who knows?   It might happen that you get lucky with your insurance company, and you get your Peyronie's disease treatment reimbursed.   Strange things happen.   Let me know how it turns out.  TRH


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