Vitamin E as Peyronie’s Treatment

About once a month we receive an order from a new customer who purchases only vitamin E. Often these are one-time orders; these people order their vitamin E only once and we never hear from that person again. When these orders appear I always assume it is from someone who has not taken the time to learn about correct Alternative Medicine treatment, and is simply following his MD’s suggestion to “try some vitamin E.”

Using vitamin E as a single therapy with no other support therapies to develop synergy, from my experience in over 10 years of work with Peyronie’s disease, is never effective. For this reason it is the policy of PDI to always include a note with that order to explain the limitation and problem of using vitamin E by itself.

I have talked to many of these men who order only vitamin E to learn a bit more about their thinking, and how they come to believe this is all they have to do to recover from Peyronie’s disease. Usually these men tend to take their health for granted, they do not use Alternative Medicine fo

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r their health problems and generally are not interested in knowing about this kind of treatment. They place their vitamin E order simply because they were told to do it.

During this conversation I will also learn that they are reluctant about taking vitamin E because they say “I recall that taking vitamin E can be dangerous.” This is usually a minor objection that can be explained easily with the information from the PDI blog post, “Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Vitamin E.” Once the facts are presented there is no real reason to be fearful about using vitamin E in general or in a well designed treatment plan for PD.

To be really successful using an Alternative Medicine to reverse the tissue changes of Peyronie's disease requires that a man use multiple therapies to develop a synergistic effort to improve the ability of the body to heal and repair the Peyronie's scar. to learn how to do this, see Start Peyronie's Disease Treatment.