Did waiting a long time before starting Peyronie’s disease treatment allow my problem to get worse?

Dear Doctor,

I am a customer of your site! thanks you for your site and your information to help us! I purchased your manual stretching cd before but to i am confuse still and had not really began seriously of any stretching routine. I am not sure if my distortion is ( downward curve) a peyronies decease. I do not feel pain today from my penis. This distortion happened i believe when i was much younger ( i am 27 now) i stimulated my penis then felt a pain afterwards. I didnt touch it anymore for a long period of time (traumatized because i was much younger back then). Could it be doctor than the cause of my downward curvature is because i believe i prolonged the time when i did not do anything to my penis while staying erect inside my briefs in a downward position? plus the pain i felt long long ago? if yes would the manual stretching method help improve the curvature (moderate) plus the vitamins and minerals you are supplying us? please enlighten me doctor because it affects my over all self-esteem. thanks .:)


Greetings Jose,

I suggest you go to a urologist for an examination and diagnosis of your current problem.  

Yes, waiting to start Peyronie's disease treatment allowed additional fibrous tissue to develop.  

If you have Peyronie's disease you can use all the methods found on the PDI website to increase your ability to heal and repair this problem.  You already know we do not advise using only the gentle manual penis stretching technique to correct your problem.   You must also use at the same time a wide variety of enzymes, vitamins and minerals to strengthen your tissue response to eliminate the foreign fibrous tissue.  TRH 


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