What about using Kegel exercise as a Peyronie’s treatment?

2 very simple short questions do kegels exercises help peyronies i read it will or may because it's said to be a exercise that women used but it can be used in men and online says it can force more blood into the penis and help with the healing process. The other i have on my mind is i read W What does it mean to "Break Up Scar Tissue" I was reading about castor oil and they said it "breaks up" internal/external scar tissue and breaks them up? Is it different than "reducing" Could you clear up this definition? Thanks, and hope this wasn't too much to ask, but i just didn't want to forget the other question so i just put them both here in one, thanks again Dr. Herazy.


Yes, spend a of of time in our video. "Massage and Exercise" for Peyronie's disease to give you specific measures to assure you do Kegel exercises correctly for PD.   I have advocated Kegels for PD for many years, and used them as part of the Peyronie's disease treatment protocol when I got over it. 

You will have ask those people who use these terms – breaking up and reducing scar tissue – what they mean when they use them.  To me it sounds like careless use of words.   TRH


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