What can I do get back on track from the ED of Peyronie’s disease?

I was prescribed Cialis from my urologist at was he believed was ED or at least my brain made me think. This came about after having sex with my girlfriend in the shower and something hurt real bad so we had to stop. Then symptoms started which I guess mirror ED where I could not get an erection and of course she thinks I'm not attracted to her then this makes the problem worse. I have been on Cialis one a day for the past month and a half.  Sure, I now get erections but lately I have noticed I have an hourglass shape to my penis that even seems to happen when flaccid.  Just recently I feel a slight burning near the head of the penis, definitely inside the penis. After going through your site I for sure believe that I was misdiagnosed and believe I have Peyronie's and the Cialis has made matters worse.

What can I get from your store that will hopefully get me back on track?

Thanks, Daryl


Greetings Daryl,

First o fall, yes, you are correct that many men with Peyronie's disease develop several symptoms similar to erectile dysfunction (ED), and sometimes exactly like ED.  Many of the physical problems and symptoms of Peyronies can create stress and misunderstanding between a sexual couple so that eventually their are also emotional reasons to cause ED in addition to those from PD.   Sexual ability and sexual activity can go downhill very fast.

Since you report your pain as a burning sensation in the head of the penis (glans) I suggest you have a different doctor check you out to assure you do not have a problem with your prostate or your urethra (urinary passage tube) since burning pain is not associated with Peyronie's disease.    Additionally, since you did not mention any penile curvature, you should not assume that you have PD.  This would be a smart move since you could be having two different problems at the same time, or you might not have Peyronie's at all.   You will not know for sure until you go to someone to be sure.

I have written many times about PDE5 drugs causing Peyronie's disease and aggravating an existing condition.   Please refer to "Viagra, Cialis, Levitra use with Peyronie's disease" and "Peyronie's treatment and Cialis.'

Once you are confident you have PD I suggest you do some good things for yourself to increase your ability to reduce the internal scar tissue.  I suggest you look at an aggressive PD treatment plan to get you back on track.  A good place is "Start Peyronie's treatment."   TRH


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