What can I do to get over my Peyronie's disease?

I am 59 years old male and suffering from diabetes for the last 26 years now. When I was healthy and young I had 8″ inches long penis with quite good girth. My penis was in very much in demand among ladies. Some 10 years ago my penis started to change. The appearance and my knob tilted to the right with a slight pain in the middle when pressed by hand. I went to a doctor who did not help me at this stage. I still remember that doctor said that my pain would go away in 6/7 weeks. It did not go away at all, and I noticed it became thin in middle. During that time I lost my size and girth and now it is only 3 to 4 inches long. When fully erect I can feel hard tissues or blood vessels and some kind of hard tissue (ring) in the middle. Its not any more like it was in the past. I know that it is Peyronie's disease. What can I do? I am on Insulin, Simvastatin and Lisinopril tablets. Is there any cure without operation? Please guide me.


Our entire Peyronie's Disease Institute website is designed to guide you. If by guiding you, you actually mean you want me to tell you what to do, I cannot do that. I can only make suggestions and offer opinions and ideas, but it us you who must decide what you want to do to try to get over your Peyronie's disease.

The PDI website is full of information that will help you to understand how to go about the process of increasing and supporting your ability to eliminate and heal the internal scar tissue that in your case is shaped like a ring of dense fibrous tissue. In your case it is causing a problem called an hourglass deformity. Your entire problem of lost size and the hourglass deformity is caused by the fibrous ring of tissue in the middle of your shaft. If you can help your body remove that Peyronie's scar after all these years you should notice an improvement of your lost size and hourglass shape. I do not know if it can be done in your case, but I do know that other men whose problems are just as old as yours have made improvement in their conditions. It requires hard work, persistence, determination and enough time to get the job done; you will not know if you can make it happen unless you try. If you do not try you will be stuck right where you are right now feeling like a defeated and frustrated victim.

I suggest you begin at “Start Peyronie's Treatment' found near the top of the PDI home page. Do some reading and see what you think about increasing your ability to recover from Peyronie's disease. Let me know if you have any questions. TRH