What if I have had Peyronie’s disease for a couple of years without any treatment?

What if I have had Peyronie's disease for a couple of years without any treatment?

Would hydro heat therapy benefit me in any way?

I do not currently have health benefits but will before the end of the year.

I would prefer to avoid surgeries and would be interested in learning more about viable lower cost treatments.

My urologist in MA said that as long as I can get and maintain en erection there is little else he can do.

I am in the Tampa area now. Perhaps a new doctor? I can still have sex with my wife, but the curve is making it more challenging to perform.

Thank you,



Greetings Chris,

Since 2002, while working with men who have Peyronie's disease, some have had PD for 10 years and more; most are in the 18 month to three year range, but many have come to PDI for help without any treatment even though their problem has continued for many years.  When most men who have had PD for many years follow an aggressive treatment plan and apply it faithfully and well, they seem to respond about as well as those who have had PD for a relatively short time.  Age of the Peyronie's disease does not seem to influence treatment outcome.  What seems to influence outcome of natural Peyronie's disease treatment the most is the diversity of the treatment plan and how well it is conducted.

Moist heat packs are always a good addition to any Peyronies treatment plan, but should not be considered a serious solo treatment for a problem as difficult and stubborn to treat as PD.  For many years I have recommended men who follow a medium or large PDI treatment plan also use moist heat especially before using DMSO, manual stretching or Genesen Acutouch pointers in their treatment plans. 

Yes, by all means do all that you can to avoid any surgery.  Especially try to avoid Peyronie's disease surgery that has a poor record of post-surgical outcome, side effects and complications, and recurrence and worsening of the original problem.  There are many men who rue the day they were cut on for their Peyronie's plaque because of significant worsening after surgery. The PDI website is estimated to have 2,000 pages of information about natural Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie's disease for you to read and learn how to get healthy without drugs or surgery. 

If you have any specific questions about using Alternative Medicine to increase your ability to eliminate your PD plaque just ask and I will do the best I can to help you.   TRH 


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