What is cause of mild pain in penis and urge to urinate at night?

Hi Doc,

I've been experiencing a mild pain in the urethra when the penis is erect and also the opening (tip) of the penis seems to a little swollen or may be I am just thinking that way..I've undergone all the tests (HIV, Herpes,Vdrl, Hepatitis B) everything came back normal..The doctor said no need for the Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test as the urine routine didn't show anything..Also I've developed a bumpy scar on the line of circumcision to which the urologist said it's a hypertrophic scar.. I have an urge to urinate frequently at night please advise as to what I am going through..

Thanks in advance!!!!!!


None of what you describe sounds like it is related to Peyronie's disease, even the penis pain you describe is nt characteristic of Peyronies.   The Peyronie's scar or plaque is not external and cannot be seen from the surface of the shaft; it is internal and must be palpated.  I doubt you have Peyronie's disease.  Beyond that I could not venture a valid opinion about what is happening to you because I would need to examine you and get a lot more information than what you have provided here.

I suggest you get a second opinion at an institution that is not associated with the first you went to so that you will get a more candid and unbiased tendency to not just rubber-stamp what the first doctor told you.  Good luck.  TRH 


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