What is the starting dosage for the therapies in the medium Peyronies treatment plan?

Hi Doc,

I just ordered the medium plan, however I am trying to lay things out ahead. Is there a place (perhaps that I have not found yet) on the website that lists a good starting point for the dosages for the medium plan? Perhaps its in the ordered package, but I wasn't sure. I obviously want to be as aggressive as possible. I even ordered the supplemental E-Book, but again nothing I have seen yet tells me, as an example, how much Vitamin E to start with. Is there a maximum? Same goes for Fibrozym, etc. I know its a unique thing to each person, however a starting dosage and maximum (IE this could kill you) dosage would be helpful. If its on the site and I didn't see it can you just post the link to the page? If you post this to the site maybe it will help others too.

Also – Everything I read says increasing blood flow is a good idea (massage, supplements, etc)… I know you warn about Cialis and Viagra as causes, however if you already have PD would starting one of them help increase the blood flow and help heal it? Just a thought. I do not have any other ED issue.

Thank for maintaining such a great site. Wish I didn't have to be on it!


Greetings Ryan,

Your order will arrive with all the information you need for the medium Peyronies treatment plan, meaning when and how much to take of each product in your plan. No one complains that they do not know what to do or how to use the products they receive from PDI.

There is no great need to do extraordinary things to increase penile blood flow if there is no evidence that you actually have a problem with circulation in that area. Peyronie's disease is not typically associated with reduced circulation. For this reason the purpose of adding a moist heat pack to your therapy routine makes sense only if you are doing Genesen Acutouch therapy or applying DMSO to the shaft, since it makes those therapies work better, not because of an assumed circulatory problem. For this reason it seems that men who take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra are taking an unnecessary risk for no good reason. TRH