What kind of Peyronie’s treatment can I try?

dear dr herazy,
what can i do to be free of this horrible thing.I have had peyronies for about one year now its completely
ruined my life. can it be cured,how long does it take to go.what can i try.please help…..jim

Greetings Jim,

Your questions are so broad and basic that you make this reply difficult to help you.

You need to spend some time reading the PDI website to learn more what you can do to help yourself. There is not such thing as a Peyronie’s “cure,” although what we do on this website is help men heal their own Peyronies problem to the best extent possible.  

Many men each week report progress to me over their Peyronie’s disease.   Improvement is always work and it is never as fast as anyone would like it to be, but it can be done.  A good place to start is with this link  Start Peyronie’s treatment.  Please ask me what ever specific questions about Peyronies treatment you would like.  I just cannot answer a question so broad and basic as “What can I try?” because it would take hours to answer you.  You must do some digging and investigation on your own, my friend.

Good luck to you.   TRH  


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