What type of Peyronie’s treatment should my husband try?

Dr. Herazy,

My husband has been struggling with accepting he has Peyronie’s disease.  The purchase of your book has really helped inform us about this disease. He is also a diabetic. What type of treatment should he try to help with his condition? He has not tried anything yet due to the fact of feeling like there is nothing that can be done or that will work. His case does not seem to be severe. We would appreciate any advice/support.
Thank you!

Your husband should start with the most aggressive therapy plan he is comfortable following so he will get the best results possible. If he is inclined to want to do everything possible to help himself, then perhaps he could consider using what is called the “Large (Best) Plan” for personal treatment. The “Medium (Better) Plan” is perhaps the most popular of the three plans. There is a “Small (Good) Plan” that is also well designed. These products and plans are found at Peyronie’s treatment products.   All plans can be modified, by subtracting or adding, to suit your personal Peyronie’s disease treatment philosophy.
Or, you can design your own therapy plan using the information found on this website. You do not have to use any of these model plans, they are only examples – but they make sense and they have helped hundreds of men improve their Peyronies plaque and reduce the bent penis of Peyronie’s disease.
For a starting point for treatment, go to Peyronie’s treatment help starts here.

However, there is a larger issue, isn’t there? If he has taken the word of people who have played with using vitamin E for their Peyronies, or dabbled with taking Neprinol, and found that their results were not good, then he is in trouble. So many people love to get on the Peyronie’s disease forums and write, “I tried PABA (or something else), and it did not work. Nothing works!” I know from many hundreds of cases I have dealt with each year since 2002, that when someone writes something like that they have not gone about their treatment in the correct way. Using a single therapy is not the way to get results with PD. Their lack of good results is not surprising.

We are not conducting formal research, nor is it possible to collect meaningful research data based on the way that I have no way to monitor how people are following their plans. What I can tell you is that I receive 10-12 phone calls and emails telling me of Peyronie’s progress and improvement, for every one phone call and email I receive saying nothing is happening. That is a good rate of success. When I learn what these men who say they are not progressing are actually doing, it is easy to understand their lack of progress.    

If your husband is waiting for some Peyronie’s treatment that comes with a guarantee, then he is in for a long wait. No PD treatment works all the time or works well in every case.

It could be that he is in a state of depression and denial about having Peyronie’s disease. If you think that might be the case, please suggest to him that he calls so I can speak to him. I will be happy to do what I can to help him.   TRH


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