What would you suggest I do to treat my Peyronies at this point?


I am the same man who is 73 years old now. who developed PD when I was 57. You responded to my recent question if there is anything I can do for myself or if after 16 years of having PD the time for treatment has passed.

I took Potaba (24 tabs a day for 2 years) when I was first got my PD.  What would you suggest I do at this point?  If you need more information, please contact me at the above email address.

Thanks, Jim Young


Greetings Jim,

First, please reread a part of the response I gave you yesterday.  I have already given you that exact information what you should do next when I wrote:

I think the healthiest and fairest way for you to approach your decision if you should
attempt treatment is to first learn what is involved in the Alternative Medicine approach
to recovery from Peyronie’s disease.  Then decide what is a reasonable length of time you
should be willing to devote to an aggressive and faithful program of care; maybe 4-6
months.   If it all makes sense to you, then begin care with the attitude that you will do
your very best.  

            “A good place to begin learning about this unique PD treatment is start Peyronie’s treatment.
Let me know if I can assist you in any way.”

I trust you went to that link and read carefully everything that is there for you.

Already I have told you what I think you should do:  read and learn about how this PDI method of Peyronie’s treatment works, then decide if it makes sense to you and if you can make the commitment to do it well. This is a fairly straightforward answer that should have been enough to get you going in the right direction.

But, I believe I understand your problem knowing what to do next. Your follow-up question, a common one, is basically asking me to take over for you to decide what you should do.  I cannot do that.  You are asking me to be your doctor, and I cannot do that from a 1,000 miles away without having examined you.  You are not my patient.  Actually, I would be a fool to make that kind of decision for you under these circumstances, and you would be a fool to listen to me. 

Almost everyone who first comes to the PDI website is in a common frame of mind in which you feel hesitant to take more control in the decision making process about your physical condition.  In this modern era in advanced countries a patient goes to the doctor, gives answers to a few questions and the doctor tells the patient what to do.  The patient often is given very little time and very little information about the problem or its treatment.  This is different.  In this situation I try to help you learn how to do this process of increasing the ability of your immune system to eliminate the PD scar, and you making all important decisions.

Sixteen years ago you learned what happened when you received the standard medical treatment for Peyronie’s disease.  The doctor decided you should take POTABA for two years –  that probably caused a lot of abdominal pain and digestive problems –  and nothing happened.  I will assume the doctor did not tell you much about your problem or treatment, and they were all rather fast office calls. You just did what you were told and that was about it.  This is different.  You have to be in control because I cannot.  You learn as much as you can about the process of using Alternative Medicine for your Peyronies problem.  When you run into a problem or have a question, you can return to the PDI website to get an answer.

As a further suggestion, for you to accept or not accept, if you are still having a difficult time deciding on how to get started, you might consider looking at the three model Peyronie’s treatment plans at the top of store front.  These are examples of what a good treatment plan looks like.  They are balanced and they fit into different price ranges.  Each of them can be modified by adding or subtracting the ingredients if you want to do that.  Your decision which you should use, if any. 

You will be pleasantly surprised, if you decide to use Alternative Medicine to assist your healing process, how much detailed educational information is included with each order PDI sends to you.  Written instructions are included with each order, providing information about the correct use of whatever you purchase from PDI and Natural Health Education LLC.   We attempt to provide all the information you need to make a good decision for yourself.        TRH


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