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No-return policy

PDI and it’s sister-business, Natural Health Education LLC, has a no-return policy for three reasons:

1.   For the safety and protection of everyone who does business with us, no product that has left our control will be accepted for return.  When you purchase anything from PDI and Natural Health Education LLC you know it has never been sold to, or touched by, anyone else who could tamper with it.  Since PDI and Natural Health Education LLC do not accept returned products, the buyer need not worry about product contamination from an outside source.

2.  Throughout the entire PDI site this point is emphasized over and over, “Peyronie’s disease in all its forms and varieties is a very difficult problem to treat; if improvement occurs it will only be with persistent and prolonged treatment.”  With this understanding, there can be no return of the therapy products because several – many – bottles of many different therapies must be utilized if a person is to hope to achieve improvement with PD treatment. And any good plan must be followed for months at a time for it to be successful. If a person just wants to try a few days of PD treatment, or just a portion of a bottle of a supplement, to see what might happen we suggest they not even start therapy. Better to just suffer in silence than to briefly dabble at Alternative Medicine therapy. Only people who are committed to their PD therapy plan, and intend on extended and aggressive treatment should begin care.

3.  Throughout this website we advise men to only start their Peyronie’s treatment plan after they have been given a firm medical diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease and they have consulted with their doctor about the appropriateness of using this form of Alternative Medicine for their problem.

Therefore, we offer neither guarantee of results nor accept return of products that have left our control.

Of course, if a particular PD therapy product is found to be actually defective, please call 847-873-8888 to discuss replacement procedures.or contact us via email at

International shipping and Import policy

Orders are lost, damaged and stolen in transit rarely, but when this happens the buyer agrees to not hold PDI or Natural Health Education LLC responsible for damages or replacement of any lost, damaged or stolen purchase items.  If an international shipment from PDI or Natural Health Education LLC is confiscated, seized or destroyed by the custom’s office or postal authority of the buyer’s country of import because of importation laws or customs restrictions, or is lost, misdirected, destroyed or otherwise mismanaged due to postal error, theft or incompetence, the buyer freely agrees a refund will not be made by PDI or Natural Health Education LLC because it is not possible to be aware of the changing import law details and intricacies of every country, or to assume responsibility for an order after it has left the control of the seller.   The buyer agrees it is the responsibility of the buyer to know and understand the import law and custom’s restrictions of his or her particular country, not the seller, and to assess and accept the likelihood or possibility of postal error, theft or incompetence in the buyer’s country.  If there is a possibility that a PDI and Natural Health Education LLC product might not be legally imported into your country, or for the purchase to be lost due to simple error, theft or incompetence please do not place an order with us. 

If an international shipment is returned unopened, undamaged in good resalable condition to PDI and Natural Health Education LLC  by a foreign custom’s office due to their regulatory policy or law, a refund will be made to the buyer minus two fees:

1. Shipping costs paid by PDI and Natural Health Education LLC  to send that parcel to the customer, and

2. An additional 10% restocking fee.

Further, the buyer acknowledges and agrees that many international orders are often subject to physical abuse and destruction when handled by customs offices, shippers and couriers and can be returned badly damaged to the seller with marring, crushing, tearing, permanent staining and defacement, breakage resulting in unsalability of such items due to such physical abuse, even though the actual shipping box is technically unopened.  Therefore, the buyer further agrees that any such permanently damaged unopened goods that are returned to PDI and Natural Health Education LLC by the buyer’s customs office or international shipper in such condition making them unusable and non-resalable will have the cost of such damaged goods deducted from the total refund made to the customer. PDI website does not accept or contain advertising from outside sources.  The advertising contained herein relates specifically and solely to therapies used to treat Peyronie’s disease as described in this website. Advertising and direct product information concerning the therapies used in treatment of PD are contained primarily in the therapy sections of this website, in which is also found technical and therapeutic information about each therapy.  The primary advertising and sales promotion of the PDI website is contained under the primary menu item, “BUY NOW” that leads to our sales Store Front at the website. Any question related to PDI’s product advertising policy should be directed to

12 thoughts on “Contact Us – NO-RETURN POLICY – International Shipping Import Policy – Advertising Policy

  1. Scott says:

    Which Peyronie’s disease treatment plan should I get? This has been gradually progressing for the last 9 months. I am 49 years old and do not take any ED drugs and I am extremely physically fit – 8% body fat. I am currently on a Vitim regiment right now and have been for over 1 year. I was thinking of purchasing Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Plan – Small (Good) but I am over 25 years old.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Scott,

    Sorry to learn of your Peyronie’s disease problem.

    Being trim and physically active does not reduce the possibility of developing Peyronie’s disease. An Olympian athlete who gets his finger slammed in a car door will be hurt, no matter how low his body fat. The same way with PD: Injury to the delicate tunica albuginea that causes inflammation has the potential to result in Peyronie’s disease, especially if you are genetically predisposed.

    The therapeutic value of the various vitamins, minerals and enzymes you see in the PDI website usually requires that the dosage be rather high and taken in a particular way. All of this is explained in the information you will receive with your first order. Merely taking a balanced vitamin product will not likely impact the stubborn Peyronie’s disease fibrous scar tissue; it takes a high dosage of a unique mix of vitamins, minerals and enzymes not commonly found in a standard daily vitamin capsule. We guide you through the best way to approach treating PD, which is not like what you are now doing.

    The small PD plan is good, and many men who have take it have benefitted their ability to reduce or remove their Peyronie’s disease. But it is not as diverse or extensive as the medium or large plans, which tend to get better results than the small plan simply because they are broader based in their approach. I suggest two things for you to consider to answer your question about which plan to use: 1. Get the largest and most diverse plan you can afford to sustain for 3-4 months during which you aggressively treat your Peyronie’s disease to see if you can promote your immune system to attack and remove the foreign PD scar tissue. 2. If you start with the small plan and you do not witness the kind of scar reduction you want, you can always add to the small plan at a later time to bolster your tissue response. The disadvantage of this approach is that by starting with a smaller program and later increasing it you might be spending more time and money in the long run. I have found that well over half the men who start with a small plan will later add more therapy items to it to increase diversity. It is totally your decision, sir. Good luck with your Peyronie’s disease. TRH

  3. Zac manku says:

    I am 56 and have Peyronie’s disease for about 10 years, and have about a 87 degree bent penis. I am type 2 diabetic and on metmorfin and juniva. I also take 5 mg andopplin and 5 mg ramerpril for high BP and statins one per day. I am not obese and am vegan. I have had a pre-assessment for the Nesbit procedure but would like to know would your plan be better for my Peyronie’s disease. Thank you.

  4. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Zac,

    There is no way to determine which approach will ultimately be better for your Peyronie’s disease ahead of time; but there several considerations to keep in mind.

    In the Nesbit procedure for Peyronie’s disease, due to a wedge-shaped section of tissue that is removed, there is a permanent loss of penis size of about 1-1/2″ to 2″ that occurs; there will always be the problem of recurrence even if the initial results seem to be good; additional scar formation and worsening of the original Peyronie’s disease sometimes occurs due to the extensive cutting that is done; irreversibility of the Nesbit procedure (there is no way to “undo” this surgery) if the results are bad. With the PDI protocol of using Alt Med to help your body heal its Peyronie’s disease there is no automatic loss of size, in fact one of the first signs of improvement that occurs with many men is that they report actually regaining their lost length and girth. After doing this work since 2002 I have never received a report from any man that his Peyronie’s disease has recurred after using our PDI protocol. Lastly, scars or permanent side effects never occur.

    Perhaps the major point to keep in mind when comparing the natural Alt Med PDI protocol for Peyronie’s disease and the Nesbit procedure is the natural healing we attempt to promote is extremely conservative, while surgery is by its nature a radical and invasive approach. Most people see the wisdom of using conservative treatment first; if it fails a more aggressive treatment can be used later.

    If I can answer any questions about Alt Med treatment of Peyronie’s disease, please let me know. TRH

  5. Jo says:


    I want to order the Peyronie’s disease medium plan and need to know what I am getting. I don not understand what this plan consists of:
    Fundamental Sulfur; Nattokinase; Fibrozym; PABA; PMD DMSO; Super CP Serum; Scar-X


  6. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Jo,

    There are more therapy items in the Peyronie’s disease medium plan than the seven you listed; there are nine total items.

    If you go to this page you will see a discussion of what is in the Peyronie’s disease medium plan You can also go the “Peyronie’s Treatment Options” link found in the menu on the right margin of the home page and you will see a detailed discussion of all those therapy items you listed. TRH

  7. David says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading over your vast site, including the testimonials. I am dealing with on-setting hourglass Peyronie’s disease. I can still get a full erection, albeit a painful one, with a bit of work, but it is getting worse as the weeks progress.

    My question is have you received any positive feedback from previous clients with this kind of scar formation using your treatment plans? Thanks.

  8. 88TRH88 says:

    Greetings David,

    An hourglass deformity in Peyronie’s disease is not at all uncommon; some are more complete than others. Meaning, some are present as a slight or deep waist formation, or indentation, that goes completely or partially around the shaft. These look more like a depression or groove around part of the shaft, of variable depth. Many years ago when I dealt with my own PD, I had an hourglass deformity. It went perhaps half way around the shaft and was fairly deep. What was unusual about mine, however, was that it would come and go. Present for a few days, and then gone for a few days. Whether a man has an hourglass is determined by the location and size of the Peyronie’s disease scar tissue within the shaft.

    Please keep in mind that the presence of the narrowed section of the shaft (the hourglass) is a point or area of structural weakness. Because it is less thick and dense at that point, it is easier for the shaft to bend where it is narrowest. During sexual activity the waist of the hourglass is most likely to buckle or violently bend, resulting in additional injury and likely additional scar formation. The end result would be that your PD be all the worse. With this is mind, please be mindful and cautious during sexual activity. Slow down. Be careful. Don’t act like a teenager.

    Yes, PDI I has gotten many positive reports from men with hourglass formations. Some hourglass problems go away partially, some go away completely. All deformities will respond and improve to the extent that the internal PD scar becomes smaller, softer and less well defined as a result of effective PDI Alt Med treatment.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way deal with your Peyronie’s disease. TRH

  9. George says:

    Hi I’m only 28 and around age 23-24 I suffered penile trauma to the base of my penis, resulting in Peyronie’s disease. While having sex with the woman on top I slipped out and rammed into her body. I had pain and discomfort all though I did not completely lose my erection. I do not have a curve, although my length and base seem to have shrunk. Length sometimes manages to get there girth is rare. What package do you recommend and treatment for the girth? Most of what I see is for length and curve. I have seen multiple doctors. 2 primary care and 2 urologist when this first happened. They all recommended rest which did not help much. I did my own treatment after years of research that seemed to work but I only did it for about 2 months then ran out of supplements. I used l-carnitine, vitamin E, ginseng, vitamin D and C and I believe that was the main structure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My recent doctor prescribed me Viagra which I have yet to use but every doctor I visit seems to have little interest in trying to help me actually get better and address the issue.

  10. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings George,

    Sorry to learn that you have Peyronie’s disease at such a young age. Your story is common in many ways, especially the medical indifference you have encountered. The medical profession has little interest in PD because they know they truly have so little to offer. They do not treat PD men well because they know they will sooner or later have to deal with an unset and unhappy patient.

    Not all Peyronie’s disease results in curvature. If the trauma caused a perfectly balanced and symmetrical injury, it is possible for the internal forces of an erection to balance out and no curvature or bending can result. This could still allow loss of size (girth and length), as well as reduced erection quality. Keep in mind that over time a distortion or deformity might develop as the scar tissue changes — PD is not necessarily static. Do nothing to make your Peyronie’s disease worse.

    Since you are a young man, you will have to do all you can to avoid additional trauma during sex. Sexual activity is not necessarily dangerous or to be avoided, if you are careful and cautious. Wild abandon for you during sex could result in carelessness and injury; you must be slow and cautious. In many ways, the ladies prefer this type of sexual activity, so it can work to your advantage. Consider getting my book, Peyronie’s Disease and Sex, to learn how to help yourself.

    I always recommend the largest and most aggressive PDI treatment plan you can afford to use for at least 3-4 months of aggressive treatment to see if your body can respond to Alt Med treatment. This is not the time to experiment with treatment. We have worked with men like you since 2002 and know how to help this process of self-healing. We get 8-10 reports of moderate to marked success (up to and including complete recovery) of Peyronie’s disease. All treatment plans are appropriate for all aspects of natural PD treatment. There is no special plan or therapy that emphasizes loss of girth or curvature. All those things are simply the outward appearance of how the internal PD scar tissue affects the penis shaft. All treatment is designed for maximum reduction of the lousy and dreaded PD scar tissue; no PD scar tissue, no PD.

    Please let me know how I can help you with your treatment questions. TRH

  11. ron says:


  12. Theodore Herazy says:

    Greetings Ron,

    Whether ultrasound (US) therapy can help your venous leakage depends upon what exactly is causing the leakage.

    Many men experience venous leakage of the penis due to the scar tissue that develops in Peyronie’s disease. This results in a very soft erection, or localized dents or dings in the shaft of the penis, due to leakage. If this is your problem, then US could certainly be able to work as part of a larger PDI treatment plan. However, used as a solo therapy, US is not as likely to help your problem. It might help a little, as some men have reported, but not as well as when you use a full treatment plan. If you are using US only, by itself, for Peyronie’s disease, you are not using the PDI method of treatment; you are playing with a single therapy to see if it can affect a very complicated and difficult problem.

    As explained on the PDI website, we strongly recommend using either PMD DMSO gel, or Dusa Sal DMSO gel, as the contact gel for US treatment. It gives the double benefit of not only transferring the US sound waves into the penile tissue, but it also directly softens the scar tissue and delivers any chemical it is combined with. TRH

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