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PDI Philosophy of Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

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Peyronie’s Disease Institute (PDI) has a treatment philosophy for natural Peyronie’s disease treatment that is not common in the medical community.  This is why it is so necessary that you tell your doctor about what you want to do ahead of time, to discuss and explain these ideas.   The opinions and philosophy presented on the PDI website is not mainstream medical thinking, at this time, in two fundamental ways.

First, PDI recommends using mainstream Alternative Medicine therapy products (vitamin E, copper, DMSO, MSM, enzymes, etc.), and procedures (exercise, massage and acupuncture), but they have not fulfilled the rigorous testing standards typically required of drugs.

Second, PDI holds to the theory that taking multiple therapies, all at the same time, as described in this website may possibly result in some degree of improved ability to heal and repair due to a scientific phenomenon known as “synergy“. Both of these ideas are not currently accepted by orthodox medicine.

Additional information about Peyronie’s disease treatment – from a totally different direction, not found on this website – is also available in the “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”

Visit our special FAQ page: answers to frequently asked questions about Peyronie’s treatment.

All products and therapies in the PDI arsenal are well known and generally accepted as important, and often essential, for health and well being.   No one will argue that vitamin C, vitamin E, or copper are needed for countless essential functions in the body.   What is different is that we suggest they are used in significant number and at the same time, for maximum potential effect and benefit. The PDI approach to Peyronie’s disease natural treatment uses synergy , a concept that is very well known in medical practice. Synergy is the tendency for two or more substances working together to produce a total effect that is greater than the individual substances each could produce individually. You have seen many examples of synergy in your life when a small group of people or things were brought together and accomplished so much more than each could have done separately. Because of synergy the results are multiplied, not simply added.  For further discussion, click Peyronie’s synergy.

When considering Peyronie's disease, it is importatnt to be thoughtful and philosophic Our philosophy of care for PD is based on simple observations that must arise when you really think about Peyronie’s disease:
•   Why do some men completely recover from Peyronie’s disease without treatment?
•   Why do some men get worse and still need Peyronie’s disease surgery, no matter what treatment they try?
•   If  a PD scar is like any scar I have on  my body, why does it seem to change so much – not only size, shape, and density, but also location?
•   If it’s the same disease, why does PD have such a wide variation of findings and outcomes among different men?
•  What’s the difference between the two groups of men whose PD behaves so differently?

•    Best question: How can I join the group that heals their Peyronie’s plaque and curved penis with no problems?

Peyronie’s disease treatment demands long and thoughtful evaluation, due to problem complexity

Good questions! While no one has concrete answers, we think it just makes sense that the man whose PD gets well on its own has a better healing capacity and better health in some important way, than the other men whose Peyronie’s disease never gets better. We think it is not just a matter of luck. The PDI philosophy of care suggests you do a variety of small and simple things to support your healing capacity against PD.  This should result in a better functioning immune system resulting in being healthier in an undetermined way so your body can heal to the best of its ability. The fact that some men do better than others likely means there is variable ? not static ? capacity for healing and improvement for all men. Applying common sense and generally available knowledge about health and healing provides the PDI foundation for a treatment plan to improve your chances to survive PD as a winner.  Some men do better than others using this approach we describe on this website, for reasons not fully understood.  For this reason, no guarantee can be made about the effectiveness or final outcome of this kind of Alternative Medicine treatment.

The scar of the tunica albuginea is an expression or extension of the health of the body in which it occurs. Much like an ulcer, the Peyronie’s scar is fundamentally seen as the result of abnormal body chemistry and physiology. As such, reasonable treatment for PD should attempt to improve the chemistry and physiology of the tissue in which the scar is located. Based on this philosophy, all of the nutrients, techniques and ideas we suggest for PD are directly or indirectly intended to improve the chemistry and physiology of the body in general as well as specifically in the tunica. The expression of this improvement should be a healthier person with healthier tissue that can heal better.

The PDI Peyronie’s treatment menu is based on what might possibly correct or normalize the chemistry and physiology of the tunica of the penis and its scar tissue.  The Peyronie’s disease treatment concept is about as simple as that.

PDI takes Mayo Clinic’s judgment about PD very seriously when it wrote that ”early stage disease is reputed to respond better than well-established plaques, an early trial of inexpensive, safe and well-tolerated oral therapy is often initially recommended. … With advances in the molecular biology of inflammation and wound healing, the management and understanding of this frustrating disease will no doubt improve.” With this statement in mind, we strongly recommend that any man, in any stage of PD – no matter how chronic or advanced – should evaluate the use of synergy created by the combination of several simultaneous non-invasive treatment measures, each selected on the basis of the best understanding of your problem and the information that is available to you.

PDI likes to think of our PHILOSOPHY of TREATMENT as “ganging up” on the problem.


We advocate approaching the Peyronie’s disease scar very aggressively with very conservative measures. To do less is to take a grave risk that could result in failure that no man wants to endure.

For an interesting way of looking at things, click on A Honey of an Idea for Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatment.


Why Buy from PDI ? It’s all about getting the best Peyronie’s disease treatment possible:

  • Service PDI offers email support and assistance for the products and services we provide. Dr. Herazy is here to help you with questions about the products we sell. This is an extremely valuable service the others cannot possibly match.
  • Quality and Quantity Repairing the Peyronie’s scar is such an important mission. It is critical you use a high quality and quantity of nutrients. We have done the hard part of selecting good companies and products. Buy with confidence.
  • Value PDI has a competitive pricing structure of which we are proud. You cannot find better products that deliver the quality or quantity for the prices we have set.
  • Convenience Everything you need is here, right now, in one place.

Three simple things to get Peyronie’s help:

Learn how easy it is to create an effective Alternative Medicine plan, click on Organize Peyronie’s Disease Treatment.

PDI philosophy about treatments comes down to this: It is better to do something, than nothing in the case of an early – or even late – stage Peyronie’s disease. Yes, it is better to do all you can for your PD, as soon as you can, using as many of the safe and scientifically grounded options that are known to have some success in helping the PD scar heal. If after following an aggressive alternative medical program there is less than complete repair and healing, as can happen, then surgery can still be used. For further discussion, click on Heads You Win, Tails You Don’t Lose with Peyronie’s Treatment.

We leave it up to the website visitor to read, investigate, and make an informed decision about how he wants to proceed with the special PD therapy plan he feels comfortable using. We strongly suggest you look over all the material and information we have on this website. After learning all that you can, compare our ideas to other reference areas on the Internet.   Bring these ideas and information to your treating doctor to get approval before starting any natural treatment ideas.   Come to your own conclusions about what, if anything, you would like to do for your PD that you are not now doing. When you have an idea of what you would like to do to help yourself further, talk to your own doctor about it and get his/her advice. Listen carefully to what you are told. Then make up your own mind about the care you will undergo. For a tongue-in-cheek look at how the PDI philosophy of care is different from common medical thinking about PD, click A Man Whose House is on Fire.

We are told our philosophy of attempting to promote and enhance better tissue healing makes sense. You will find that it feels good to take charge of a situation where you previously felt a loss of control.  Don’t feel or act defeated by PD. Once you get busy with a well-designed Alternative Medicine treatment plan you will feel energized simply by taking action and not behaving like a PD victim.

Understand why Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie’s disease is not accepted by traditional medical practice, click  Science is Slow.

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