Why are two different vitamin E products made available?

Why are 2 different Vitamin E sources (400/400 and Gamma E) suggested in your therapies?  What are the differences? Would only 1 suffice in an effort to help manage costs?


Your question about the reason for the two different types of vitamin E to treat Peyronie's disease is a common one.  Thank you for bringing it up again.

I cannot put an entire detailed answer to your question in this reply. Let me just comment that the Maxi-Gamma vitamin E is used because it provides a higher ratio of the Gamma type of vitamin E that is helpful in healing and removing scar tissue.  The other vitamin E product, Factor 400/400, is a balanced vitamin E providing all eight types of vitamin E that does not emphasize the Gamma type the way the other one does.   When used together they complement each other and work nicely to provide an excellent and highly concentrated source of vitamin E that will assist your body to correct your Peyronie's disease to the best of your ability. 

To get the full answer and to learn more about vitamin E in a Peyronies treatment plan, go to Vitamin E for Peyronies treatment

Sure, if you used only one type of vitamin E it would manage costs.  But, which one to use?  I do not have a clear answer on that one because I can make a good argument for both of them as being the one you should use if you were going to only use one. 

If you must use just one, then I suggest you experiment a bit by using one of the products in your overall plan to see how you respond, and then use the other one to see if you respond differently to it.  Of course, this is how I suggest that anyone approaches any of the therapies to see if it should be included in a therapy plan.  TRH


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