Why is My Penis Curved?

Might not need to straighten your penile curvature

To answer this common question it is first necessary to know if this penile curvature is something you have had all your life, or if it is something that just appeared after being fairly straight all of your life; if it is an old or a new feature of your anatomy.  Usually there is little   reason to straighten your penis if that is the way you were born.  If a small curvature has not caused any problem in the past, it is not likely to be Peyronie’s disease and you should not treat it.

If you have had a curved penis all your life, then it is most likely due to a normal and natural variation of tissue in that part of your body.  The human body is often made with slight imperfections and variations, and this might be one of yours.   Just as someone might be born with one ear that is shaped differently than the other, or one leg slightly longer than the other, you might have a penis that is curved just because it is not made perfectly.

Inside the penis are three chambers of special tissue that have the ability to expand and become rigid when filled with blood.  If any of these three chambers is larger or smaller than the other two, or has some anatomical variation that prevents it from completely filling with blood, the penis will be distorted in some manner when erect.

This is rather common among men and is not in any way related to Peyronie’s disease and does not warrant treatment or concern.  So long as sexual function is not limited in any way the curvature is considered a normal variation that makes you a unique person.

On the other hand, if you have had a fairly straight penis all your life, and at some time later you noticed an unusual bend, curve, twist, or dent-like physical deviation during erection that was not there previously, then that recent change in your anatomy suggests the possibility of Peyronie’s disease.  This is especially true if the unusual bend, curve, twist, or dent-like physical deviation is accompanied by Peyronie’s pain and reduced hardness of your erection.  Confirming the problem of Peyronie’s disease even more would be your recollection of a recent accident or injury, or use of a drug that is known to have Peyronies as a side effect.

Straighten your penis sometimes unnecessary

Even though the distortion of your previously perfect penis can be very disturbing to a man, it is not the real problem of Peyronie’s disease.  While the curved penis gets your attention, it is the internal Peyronie’s plaque located in the tunica albuginea layer of the penis that is the real issue.  The way to straighten your penis is by eliminating the internal Peyronie’s plaque that is the cause of the curvature.  Having surgery to straighten your penis carries a high risk of failure and tragedy, and only creates the opportunity for more internal Peyronie’s scar tissue to develop as a result of the penis tissue being cut during surgery.  This is the reason so many men find that after having Peyronie’s surgery their curvature becomes worse; it is because of additional internal scar tissue that results from the surgical incisions.

This is why Peyronie’s Disease Institute advocates that Alternative Medicine first be used to eliminate the internal Peyronies plaque before penis surgery to treat Peyronie’s plaque is attempted.  For additional information about this process, please review safe and effective Peyronie’s treatment options.


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