Will either of these treatments also help with energy?

Will either of these treatments also help with energy? I am  thinking of ordering the Best Plan because of the curve.  My erectile dysfunction is really bad without taking a pill.


You did not mention any Peyronie's treatment in particular to know how to answer your first question. Since all metabolic processes in the body require the use of vitamins and minerals as found in all of the PDI therapy products I am sure you could say that using any of our plans would be helpful for energy conversion in the body.

The PDI Best plan is becoming our most popular of the three because it is so broadly based and aggressive in design.  It does not cost much more than the PDI Medium plan to resupply every month since the greater cost of the PDI Large plan is due to the one-time expense of the Genesen Acutouch therapy pens.  

Many men with PDI fall into the trap of erectile dysfunction since there are so many emotional issues related to dealing with PD.  Additionally, the Peyronie's plaque is notorious for disturbing the ability of the penile veins to close, and thus prevent blood being trapped in the penis as it should to create an erection.  

Let me know if I can help you in any way with your Peyronie's therapy.  TRH                                                                                   

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